An Easy to use Content Management Solution for a US based Technology Giant


Our Client is a US subsidiary of a Japanese Multinational Corporation involved in the design and manufacture of electronics. The company has dedicated itself to enriching people's lives through the use of futuristic technology and a commitment to innovation. The Corporation operates in more than 30 countries, has an employee strength of over 50000 people and its products are distributed in more than 150 countries worldwide.


Technology , Media and Entertainment

Business Challenge

The client wanted a streamlined and flexible solution to showcase its products and features. In the current system, any changes that needed to be made in the content of the website, for example, to highlight the product characteristics; was time-consuming and required much effort from the IT department.


Sitecore CMS is a leading .NET Web content management software for large enterprises, mid-market commercial, non-profit and government organizations requiring enterprise-class functionality, integration and scalability.

Sitecore being a web content management system provides means to create a simple interface that the content authors can understand and change at their own discretion without requiring any help from the IT department thus making the process more efficient.

The Marketing and Sales personnel can make use of the analytics features to get to know their customers better. Having an insight into the customer’s preferences and needs puts the marketers in a good position to pitch their products successfully.

Some of the salient features of the solution provided to the Client are as under.

  • Content personalization - The system enables you to tailor a visitor’s experience, in real time, based on their behavior. Content authors can create rules and scoring systems to deliver specific content to specific visitors, thereby providing a more individual experience.
  • Accessibility - The Sitecore user interface is a 100% Web-based application and works in any browser application – Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox and Mac.
  • Integration Anywhere and Everywhere - One of the greatest challenges in any CMS project is integrating with external systems for content delivery. Sitecore CMS provides a full data integration and abstraction layer ( Sitecore Data Providers) that will allow you to connect to any database, Web service or other external systems and access that content as if it were native Sitecore content.


With Sitecore the client has a world-class end-user interface that is simple, intuitive and yet very powerful because the Sitecore users interface is architected with usability best practices in mind.

The Client was especially satisfied with the performance of the site’s navigation, content presentation, and overall user experience.

Technology Used

Languages C#,
DATABASE SQL Server 2008R2
WEB TECHNOLOGIES .Net, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript
FRAMEWORKS .Net Framework 4.0