The Next Generation Online Tool for the Fashion Industry


The client is a startup in New York and is looking to bring in an innovative AI product in the Fashion Industry.



Business Challenge

Volga Infotech was to develop a Web as well as Mobile App plugin which would suggest the best clothes to an online customer based on color, fit and proportion .


Volga Infotech is developing a Web as well as a Mobile App plugin which can

  • Recommend the best color match to an online Customer by taking a photo of their Face . This is commuted by taking the average of the eye color , the hair color and the skin color
  • Calculate proportion and fit based on the customers measurements And thus give a world class online shopping experience to a online customer


The developed Plugin would easily integrate with leading Ecommerce Frameworks End users ( online customers ) would get better suggestions on clothes which would best suit them based on color and fit.

More ROI on online shopping for brands.

Technology Used

Framework Laravel 5.7
AI Clarifai API's for Face Detection
Database MySql
Architecture AWS EC2 with network load balancers
Language PHP 7.3
Code architecture Microservices architecture using Lumen 5.7
Source Control Git by GitHub