An intelligent Project Decision Maker


The client is a renowned New York City, U.S Based Pharmaceutical Company



Business Challenge

Client wanted to create a prototype to compare scenarios of running projects based on actual timesheet cost versus modified cost. They also wanted a graphical presentation of each phase of the project with the ability to add/edit cost against each phase


Volga Infotech provided a solution which would plot the current scenario of the project ( cost based on the current timesheets ) on a milestone timeline graph in phases. Each phase could have a different user associated with it and each user could then modify the cost against each phase. The modified values would then generate new paths on the milestone graphs. This could help the management make decisions based on different cost scenarios.


The new forecast solution helped the management reduce cost, foresee risks and disasters as well as better monitor the current status of their project.

Technology Used

Languages C#, Typescript, JavaScript
Database Oracle
Web Technologies Asp.Net Web Api 2, Jquery, Dev Express,Flow Chart Js
Web Server IIS, Node Server (PM2)
Framework Asp.Net MVC
Source Control GIT
Services AWS EC2