A Top Online Poll / Survey Startup based in Los Angeles


A digital media company located in Los Angeles. The system features polls on entertainment, brands, sports and culture and is reported to have over 49 million monthly unique visitors.it is one of the largest databases of opinions with more than 250 million votes gathered on over one million items.



Business Challenge

The Client had an existing Website which was attracting more than 49 million users per month , and was wanting to create an iOS App to further increase the user base as well as increase engagement . Also the current site didn’t register the user, whereas the App would first register the user before he/she could access any features of the App.


The client website was one related totalling Surveys and Polls from end users. They already had an existing website, and Volga Infotech went on to build the iOS equivalent.

Some of the major features included

  • User Registration
    Users can Register using Facebook or their Google Account.
  • Categorisation of Polls
    The Polls were categorised and shown to the users based on their interest
  • Voting
    Users could rank as well as vote on the Polls.
  • Results
    User could view results as well as had access to certain informative Analytics


The Client had tried out several vendors before, but had failed to get the App of their desired quality. Volga Infotech delivered a running App to them within 4 months .

Technology Used

Languages SWIFT
Database MY SQL
Source Control GIT