An Intelligent Personalized Skin Advisor App


The Client is a Singapore based startup in field of Skin Care



Business Challenge

The App is Singapore and India’s first app to customize beauty regimens. It helps users solve their skin concerns by following a tailor-made ritual ( regimen ) that’s unique to their skin type, age,skin problems and even the weather and location . The challenging part of the App was to integrate with several parties and work out an algorithm to suggest the most optimum skin regimen to the end user. Also to track the regimen based on the user's timezone.


  • The App is a personal skin advisor for users.
  • Users can register using Email or Facebook
  • By entering their Birthdate, Skin Color, Skin type, the App not only computes the most optimum Regimen for the user, but also recommends relevant and related products. Depending on the location it draws the weather conditions from a third party , and suggests a change in the regimen
  • Users can aso take photos of their Before and After Regimen faces, and compare them. The System comprises of a comprehensive backend module consisting of Regimen Management, User Management , Detailed User reports as well as the ability to send notifications to specific set of users.


The App enables User to

  • Get personalized skincare regimens based on their skin, season and region.
  • Log their beauty steps daily.
  • See Their skin’s progress by comparing photos.
  • View and choose products that are recommended to them

Technology Used

Languages Swift, Java for Android, .Net Web APIs
IDE Xcode, Android Studio
Design Patterns MVC, MVVM, Networking, Singleton, Delegation
UI Development Storyboard, Auto Layout, Adaptive Layout
Frameworks UIKit, Foundation, Core Location, UNUserNotifications Source Control: BitBucket