A Robo_Advisory Platform For Financial Investment Institutes


The client is a premier investment technology lab with cutting edge solutions serving the leading financial institutions in India and across the world.


Financial Services

Business Challenge

The client was looking for assistance in implementing and adapting their robo-advisory platform on latest, cutting edge technologies. This ranged from attractive and efficient web apps to feature complete and performant mobile apps.


A universal solution which could allow for code sharing and easy maintainability was required. Volga Infotech assisted in developing a clean and reusable codebase which could be adapted to a range of different platforms. We worked with the client to get the target app presentable on Web and Hybrid mobile apps.


  • The mobile app has a universal codebase i.e. same code for Android and iOS but has the rendering performance of native mobile apps.
  • Web components were created with a high degree of reusability in mind.
  • Both variants of the mobile app has identical look, feel and functionality unifying the user experience.
  • Apps were created in such a way as to facilitate easy theme switching.
  • Mobile apps were created to have as much feature parity with the web app as possible.

Technology Used

Platform Web, iOS, Android
Languages TypeScript, JavaScript
Web Server apache2
Framework Angular 5, NativeScript, JQuery
Source Control git (GitHub, GitLab)
Design patterns MVC