A well known entrepreneur looking to simplify the trading of college books among students using a mobile application


A well known entrepreneur looking to simplify the trading of college books among students using a mobile application.



Business Challenge

Books play an integral part in college curriculum apart from the online materials as they are a must for reference. Students have to buy these books at a whopping price, study them for few months and then dump them in the boxes. The challenge was to be able to find the books that one is interested in at cheaper rates and to be able to sell the used ones at a fair price.


We at Volga Infotech resolved our client’s above challenge by developing an iOS application for iPhone that would bring the buyers and sellers together. If a user wants to buy a book at a cheap rate or in a used condition he/she can search for the desired books and put it in the wish list. In the same fashion, if he or she wishes to sell, he/she can add to the library in their app. When a seller meets the buyer’s requirement or vice versa, both the users will be notified about the match and they can thus interact with each other using the details mentioned in their respective profiles.

The App incorporates the following important APIs out of the many:

  • Facebook
    The user can sign up using Facebook to update their profile.
  • Search
    The user can search for their interested books depending on the course name, department, and term.
  • Wish List
    These are those set of books that the user is looking to buy in new or used condition.
  • Library
    These are set of books that user wishes to sell to others.
  • Match
    When a user’s wish list is met by some other user’s library list, both the users are notified about the match and thereby connecting them to trade.


The users no longer have to wait for endless time to meet their requirement on a book. They can simply register on the App and quickly meet their demands by searching for the desired books from the database and adding them to either wish list or the library.

Technology Used

Languages Objective C
Database MS-SQL Server 2012
Web Server WCF, C#.NET
Source Control Tortoise SVN