A well-known headwear production company based in the US


The client is a well-known Headwear production company in the US, founded in the 1970.



Business Challenge

The Client's E-Commerce platform was on Magento 1.14 Enterprise edition. Volga Infotech was given the task to move out the Enterprise edition to the latest Magento Community Edition , along with moving the backend Infrastructure to AWS Cloud


Volga Infotech completed the below tasks

  • Moved the non-supported Magento 1.x Enterprise system to the new Magento 2.x Community Edition
  • Moved over 20 plugins and extensions and made them compatible with the new Edition
  • Migrated the backend Infrasture to AWS Cloud
  • Added new features related to Salesforce Integration and built a new API layer for integration


  • The new system on Magento 2.x had
  • Better user interface and responsive designs
  • Was better in performance
  • Had a more Streamlined Checkout Process
  • Was more extensible

Technology Used

Framework Magento 2.x
Database MySql, AWS Aurora MySql
Architecture AWS EC2 with network load balancers, Redis Cache
Language PHP 7.3
Source Control Git by GitHub